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... your small town, neighborhood, family dental practice with a cutting edge flair.

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"Individual Orthodontics"
The World’s most efficient and effective way to straighten teeth!

Dentistry 2000 ...
  • has been offering family dental care in Columbus, NC area for more than 25 years
  • strives constantly, to find new ways to improve your treatment
  • delivers contemporary dental solutions in an upbeat, friendly atmosphere and in a timely manner
  • makes every effort to make you feel like guests in our "home"
  • is your dental practice, where quality meets hospitality!



We have several niches in the field of dentistry for which we have concentrated our continuing education efforts. But it is all geared toward preserving or restoring the natural beauty and health of the teeth and their supporting structures.
Whether it is a full mouth reconstruction you need, or just a few teeth chipped or out of alignment, individual Orthodontics, to an Extreme Cosmetic Dental Makeover, or possibly just the need for some good preventive care, our team is here to serve you. 


We believe everyone is very unique in their wants and needs, as they relate to dentistry.


We want YOU to "feel at home"!

There are so many new ways to make you more comfortable and anxiety-free. When you arrive at the office, you might want to request any of the following to make your visit more comfortable:
  • A blanket and/or Foam Molding Pillow
  • Chair Massage for your back and neck
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage after treatment
  • Foot or hands massage during treatment


  • Moistened towelets to freshen up after treatment
  • Oral Sedation Dentistry along with Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen
  • Noise reducing headphones to listen to your favorite music
  • Coffee, Soft Drink, Juice or Water


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Now available at Dentistry 2000:

The CEREC Crown Fabrication

in just one visit


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What patients have to say about CEREC



Here's our promise to you..

(excerpts from an interview with David C. Cotty D.M.D.)


We Listen

"Oftentimes patients feel rushed and ignored when they go to a doctor's office?
We understand that feeling. That's why, at our office, we make it a daily commitment to listen to your needs. Come and visit us, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised..."


We are Gentle

" ... the most important issue in our approach to dentistry is gentleness. The main factor is taking time to be gentle and careful. We're not under any constraints to rush through a certain quota of patients in order to meet our "production goal". We like to take our time, do a terrific job on your teeth, and get to know you as a patient and as a  friend. It's important that you, as the client, have the ultimate decision to choose to (1) do nothing, (2) to do some of the dentistry we recommend, or (3) to complete all of the fine dentistry that we feel is ideal for you ..."



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